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Acid Wash Decorative Concrete For A One-Of-A-Kind Finish

Acid washing sealing

There comes a time when you see something that's unlike anything you've ever seen or heard of before. Maybe this is one of those times, when you hear about acid wash decorative concrete services offered at Flawless Pressure Washing here in Lake Oswego. This is a service that you're not likely to see or hear offered at other pressure washing businesses.

While it's not a pressure washing service exactly, it's definitely related and necessary to include in our lineup of services. It's something that catches the eye and makes any concrete surface look a million times better than before.

Acid Wash Concrete

Our acid wash concrete decorative service is exactly what it sounds like. The service uses a mix of water, acid, and other chemicals to produce a unique marbled effect on your concrete. It's almost the exact appearance as those marble floors you'd see in some movie about ancient empires. Sometimes it can look like tile, hardwood, or other "fancy" materials.

Elevate Your Concrete Surfaces

Because acid wash decorative concrete services makes your concrete look unlike anything you've seen, it elevates any space that it exists in. What's so amazing about this service is that no one project yields the same results as the other. So the marbled effect and the hues you get are unique to each patch of concrete, so it's unique to your home.

Concrete by itself looks rather plain and cold. This service will eliminate any instance of "plain-ness" and give your flooring a refined and elegant look.

A Service Like No Other

When it comes to Lake Oswego pressure washing, no one does it like Flawless Pressure Washing. Our business has years and years of experience to back up those quality results that you see on our site. Acid wash decorative concrete services is one of those services that is at the pinnacle of what we do best.

A service like this is sure to prove to you how Flawless Pressure Washing offers the best in quality, results, and care. You're not likely to find this service anywhere else, so give us a call today to learn more about this service and how we can schedule it for you at your convenience. For more information about other services at Flawless Pressure Washing, such as patio washing, be sure to check out our services pages.

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